“Accuracy has been our core focus since 1939.” 

- Ron Ragusa 

“Your market competition will keep your ideas innovative and we're the craftsmen who can make your designs a reality."             

- Chase Ragusa


Est. 1939

Traditionally, patternmaking is a creative process that is both an art and a craft.  Our service is creating a wooden master pattern for industrial production.  We are skilled in using: hand sketches, existing parts, blueprints, or CAD files/drawings, to produce a wood model.  The tools utilized to create this model, date from the 19th Century to the most contemporary technologies available today.  Then using this model, a sand mold is produced.  Molten metal is poured in the mold to form a casting.  This pattern equipment can be created to produce single or multiple cast parts.  Ragusa Pattern is known for making a wide variety of products ranging from high-end racing components, movie filming equipment, architectural furnishings for hotels and business applications, classified military apparatus, nautical parts, telescope observatory components, and much more.  Below is a partial list of our largest clients:  Ferrari, Chevrolet, Hubbell, Quiksilver, Architectural Lighting, Hard Rock Hotel/Casino, Panavision, Warner Bros., NASA, and the U.S. Airforce.